Module 8: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Lesson 1: Introduction of the Alcohol and Other Drug Problem

Learn about alcohol and other drugs.

Lesson 2: Crash Problems

Learn about alcohol and crashes.

Lesson 3: Physiological Effects

Learn about the physiological effects of alcohol & drugs.

Lesson 4: Psychological Effects

Learn about the psychological effects of alcohol.

Lesson 5: Other Drugs

Learn about other drugs.

Lesson 6: Zero-Tolerance

Learn about the importance of Zero Tolerance.

Module 8: Quiz

Test your knowledge from Module 8 with this quiz. You need a passing score of 80% or greater.

After completing the all the lessons in Module 8 and the Module 8 Quiz:
  • Concurrent¬†Method users will navigate to the “Behind-the-Wheel” section, located with the list of modules, to begin BTW Module 7 & 8.
  • Block Method users will continue to Module 9.